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It’s Never Too Early to Protect Those Who Matter Most

Did you know that life insurance is actually cheaper the earlier in life you buy it? Despite the common misconception, life policies, as well as related products, aren’t just for retirees. Life insurance helps young families, newlyweds, and anyone with dependents protect those they care about most in the event of an untimely death. Whether you are expanding your family, or simply looking to take care of those you love, here is a few quick facts you need to know about the different kinds of policies available.

There Are Two Main Categories to Choose From

Life insurance falls into two basic categories for policy holders:



Temporary (Term) Insurance

refers to policies that take place over a set period of time. Term policies are typically inexpensive at the beginning, but can increase with time (as certain health risks, etc. increase). Terms typically span 10, 20, or 30 year periods, can be used to cover long-term investments like your mortgage, and is a solid option for those looking cover short-term needs, and to ensure your dependents have valuable financial assistance in the event of your death.

Whole Life Insurance

Is a permanent product that never expires. While your initial investment may be a little more than term insurance, your premium will remain the same up until your 20-year mark, at which point your payments cease, but coverage continues until your death. Whole insurance is best for those wanting long-term coverage that appreciates in value and protects beneficiaries in the years to come.

Critical Illness Insurance

assists policy holders with the costs of recovery following a life-altering illness such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer, or other medical event, that severely impacts daily life.

Instant Issue Life Insurance

ideal individuals aged 45-75. The policy is permanent and cannot be changed by your provider, and provides quick and easy coverage that requires you to answer only 5 questions.

Living Benefits

Living benefits protect you from the unfortunate challenges faced in the event of an accident, sudden illness, or disability. Ravenhill offers a wide range of living benefit policies including health insurance, disability/injury insurance, final expense insurance, dental coverage, and more. Contact our team to learn more about living benefits today.

The Ravenhill Difference

Honesty, Integrity, Service. These three values define who we are at Ravenhill Agencies. Our team of qualified professionals are happy to meet with you and discuss what life insurance policies are best suited to your needs. To learn more about these, as well as our many other offeringsContact us today!

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