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Alberta Home Insurance Policy

As family-orientated insurance brokers, we understand that home is where the important things in life happen. Your home is more than a place to relax or get work done; it’s where family and friends come and go, children play, and memories are created. Whether you own a detached house, condo, townhouse, mobile home, or recreational property, your brokers at Ravenhill can offer professional advice on a variety of products and insurers to ensure you’re paired with a service provider that is perfect for you.

Alberta Renters Insurance Policy

You just rented your new place and now the landlord wants proof of insurance. We can help! Buy insurance online with Ravenhill and get back to moving in! In minutes you can have your policy issued directly to your inbox. Most landlords want a copy or proof of coverage. Tell us where to send it by email, fax, or mail and we will send it within one business day to your landlord.

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Alberta Condo Insurance Policy

Simplicity – that is why you chose the Condo life. Someone to cut the grass, maintain the building, and deal with all the hassle. Unfortunately, understanding condo insurance isn’t always that simple. The brokers at Ravenhill can help walk you through your coverages and specific needs in your condo policy.

The simplicity of owning a condo is that you need to just worry about what is between the four walls. The difficult part comes when there is common property, you have made improvements to your condo, or there is a claim to the building and you are being assessed for the damages or the deductible.

Alberta Farm Insurance

The Farming industry forms a solid core for the people in Alberta. Farming is a major part of Alberta and the people that live here. With offices in Rural Alberta, we have a dedicated team customizing policies for our hard working farmers. Farming has taken on a new look as operations modernize, expand, and search for greater needs in the insurance industry. At Ravenhill Agencies, we have experts that can assist with the smallest quarter section to many thousand acre operations.

We create farm insurance packages to cover livestock, grain, crop damage, buildings, machinery, barns, shops, custom spraying, and of course your farm liability. But that is not all – we also cover your home, possessions, and vehicles. To top it off, we have special Farmer life and critical illness polices suited specifically for the farming industry. Insuring the most important machine of all – the one operating that machinery; YOU.

Alberta Auto Insurance Policy

There are many different makes and models of vehicles on the road today; therefore car insurance needs to be customized to fit your current situation. At first, you will have a policy for just you and your car. Maybe you add a second vehicle or a classic car, or now you have a significant other and want to combine your policies to increase saving (yes you can do that; we can help!). Next, you might have a couple of kids, and they want to drive or buy a car on their own (yup, we can help here, too!)

Many people are not adequately insured when it comes to their vehicle insurance policy, and unfortunately most of the time you find out when you have an accident. You finally bought that new car and are so excited that you rush making the change and forget that the vehicle you used to own did not carry collision coverage and you do not add that coverage to your new one. If you run into something, you would not have the coverage to cover the damage to your vehicle!

Why is Auto Insurance so Complicated?

It does not have to be! At Ravenhill Agencies, our experienced brokers are very capable of setting you up with a new auto policy in minutes. Insured with a pink card available to you in under an hour. We will make sure you have the right coverage at the best rice and that you understand what and how you are insured. That is the difference we make in car insurance. Like how every vehicle is different, every driver and use of the vehicle is too!

Questions we may ask would include – Do you commute to work or school? Or do you just get groceries? Maybe you carry tools and equipment, and it should be a commercial auto policy (hyperlink to commercial auto)? If it is a vintage car, we have companies that specialize in that too! Who else drives the vehicle?

Your coverages explained

  • Liability coverage – This is the mandatory coverage needed to put a car on the public roads. It protects others on or near the road. It covers you for damages you cause outside of your vehicle
  • Accident benefits – provides coverage for people injured in an automobile accident or have loved ones that may have been injured or killed in an accident. Benefits include medical treatments, disability, and death coverage.
  • Physical damage coverage – this is in the form of collision coverage, comprehensive coverage or even specified perils. These coverages provide protection for your car and the damage done to it.
  • Endorsements – there are many endorsements we recommend and add-on policies such as family protection, accident forgiveness, loss of use, and many more.
Alberta Life Insurance

Family matters. We know protecting them is your top priority. Ensuring you and your loved ones are protected is ours.

Whether you have just purchased a new home or are preparing to send the kids off to college, we have you covered. From protection against temporary debts—such as mortgages and car loans to permanent planning—such as funeral expenses. We take care of YOU. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the TOP LIFE, Accident and sickness, Critical Illness and Term Insurance companies to offer our clients a large selection of life insurance options.

Contact us for a no-obligation quote today and see how you can protect your most important investment for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

Alberta Commercial Insurance

Owning your own business has many rewards. They are not without hard work, determination, sacrifice, and risk. At Ravenhill Agencies, we work to take away some of that risk by transferring it to an insurance policy. Your business is important, and we want to protect you.

Whether you have a small business with one owner or a large business with many owners and employees, they all have similar but different risks that they face that can be mitigated with the right customized insurance policy.

We customize policies for all types of industries such as retail and wholesale, property owners like condo buildings and office buildings, small to large manufacturing and machine shops. We focus on Construction, Oil and Gas, Professionals such as Dentists, Lawyers, and Architects. Your business may be an up-and-coming tech startup. Let us help to get you the coverage you need.

Alberta Prize Insurance

Ever wonder how they give away a million dollars at a golf tournament for a Hole In One? They insure it! What about those shots from center ice for $50,000 or from half-court at a basketball game. YUP protected! We can help you with your golf tournament or special event. If you have an idea, we can ensure that you’re not stuck footing that big prize!

Alberta Specialty Insurance

Alberta is abundant with specialty niche tasks, jobs, and services. This is what makes Alberta great, but finding insurance for your specific class of work may be difficult. Not at Ravenhill Agencies. We are brokers working for you to find the best solution with a custom-made policy just for you! We are partnered with TOP Insurance companies and MGAs that also specialize in, well, your specialty service!

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