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Are You Mortgage Free?

Being mortgage free can save you from 5% – 20% on your home insurance, depending on the company. A question that comes up regularly is, ‘We have a secure line of credit associated to our home; does that count as a mortgage?’ Some companies do not count a secured line of credit as a mortgage. The mortgage free discount may also extend to other properties that you have insured with us as well.

Your Questions Answered – Why are my auto rates increasing?

Driving home on a day like today (+4 and raining yesterday and then -14 and blowing snow in this morning) makes you think about accidents and then naturally your insurance. You walk up to your house look in the mail box (or email inbox in some cases – ask us about...

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For over three decades, Ravenhill Agencies has prided itself as a family-first operation focusing on providing our clients with experienced insurance protection while promoting honesty, integrity, and clarity. With those attributes in mind, we’ve been hard at work...


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