Alberta Specialty Auto Insurance

Timeless Protection You Can Depend On

Are you a lover of cars with history? It’s no secret that classic and collector automobiles hold a special place in the hearts of their owners. Full of sentiment and irreplaceable value, these vehicles require special coverage to ensure they are protected both on and off the road.


Specialty Insurance As Unique As Your Vehicle

Ravenhill Agencies offers automobile owners access to a wide range of specialty policies designed to meet the unique needs of rare vehicles. If your collector automobile is not used for daily commuting and is reserved for special occasions (car shows, anyone?), a specialty policy will ensure your car is covered in the case of any unfortunate mishaps and with a very affordable premium.

From your everyday commute to motorcycles and dirt bikes, all the way to classic car aficionados, Ravenhill has you covered!


Vehicles that typically fall under the specialty umbrella include:

  • Classic and antique cars
  • Classic trucks and utility vehicles
  • Modified vehicles such as hot rods and replicas
  • Exotic imports
  • Modern muscle cars
  • Retired commercial vehicles
  • Modern collectibles
  • Limited production models

And more!

Getting Covered is a Breeze!

Getting started with specialty auto insurance doesn’t need to be hassle. Many policy providers do not require an appraisal for vehicles under $50,000, and modifying your coverage in the case of documented restorations can be done without any additional headaches later on. The bottom line is, insuring your unique automobile has never been easier!

Ready to Hit the Road?

Speak to Ravenhill Agencies’ team of qualified experts today to get started on your specialty auto insurance quote.