Alberta Condo Insurance Policy

Protecting Your Investment, One Coverage at a Time

For many first-time homeowners or those for a convenient housing option, condos can be a fantastic way to enhance your home life, without the hassle of a detached house. Condos offer the same independence as a detached house, but offer the benefit of having many amenities included in your monthly fees. Insuring your property can be easy, quick, and is the best way to make sure those you love and the things you care about are protected when it counts.


Helping Life stay Simple

Condos make life easy. Your insurance policy should do the same. Fire, sewage backup, and other weather-related damages are all challenges that the right plan will have covered. There should never be any questions about whether your insurance has your back in a crisis, allowing you to have peace of mind. The team at Ravenhill is here to make sure you know you’re covered, every step of the way.

What’s Covered?

Condo insurance policies are designed to cover you, your contents, as well as include coverage for exposures inherent to a shared building with shared costs. Condo policies recognize that there is the potential for deficient policy set up by the condo board or their agent, and ensures that you have special coverages in place, should this be the case. Core components of a policy include:

Content Coverage:

Protect the contents of your unit, including personal property like electronics, jewelry, clothes, furniture, and other items of value.


Accidental bodily harm caused on your property, damage to an adjacent structure, and other types of incidents can put you at risk. Liability coverage prevents accidents from becoming a costly burden.

Loss Assessment:

Covers assessments to you by the condo board that involve shared space or the building.

Betterments and Improvement:

If you are planning on improving or renovating your condo, this will help you protect your investment, especially if the improvements increase the value of your property.

Unit Contingent Coverage:

Protects you, even if the condo board has not purchased insurance or the limits are insufficient.

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