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Do You Haul Logs and Lumber?

The insurance market for these types of risks like long haul trucking for logs and lumber is changing and dwindling. That means premiums are increasing, options are getting less and the demand getting higher.

True Vehicle Replacement Coverage from Optiom

Optiom not only protects your vehicle from depreciation but it can also factor in the inflation price to get into a similar make and model vehicle in the year of the loss; true vehicle replacement insurance. Speak to one of our brokers for a quote for Optiom and see if you qualify for the best “Top up Coverage” available.

Have you recently renovated your home?

It is important to protect your new additions and upgrades. Often times you purchase a home and at a later date want to renovate it to truly make it your own. Completing unfinished areas, such as basements, upgrading your kitchen and bathrooms, or even adding whole...

Heads up, phone down

I am sure we have all been guilty of this situation: sitting in traffic waiting for a light to change or in one of our many construction zones and glance over to our phone. It is so easy to just send a quick text or surf your recent likes. Although it may seem...


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