What is Umbrella Insurance and who should purchase it? Anyone can purchase an umbrella policy, bu you do need underlying policies such as home and auto policies.It’s impossible to predict an accident that might result in a lawsuit. An umbrella policy is a way to make sure you have enough liability coverage to protect your financial security. It’s especially important to consider purchasing umbrella coverage if you have expensive assets or investments you want to protect, or if you participate in any activities that could increase your chances of being sued. In the event that you’re sued, you’ll count on your home or auto liability coverage to cover the costs associated with the lawsuit. Lawsuits can be expensive, and if your liability claim exceeds the limit in your standard home or car insurance policy, you’ll be responsible for paying the remaining balance yourself. Having an umbrella policy can help to bridge that gap. Thinking you want to know more? Contact us today for more information and a quick quote.

  • Renting out property
  • Coaching kids’ sports teams
  • Participating in sports where you could injure others
  • Do you have a trampoline or swimming pool
  • Travel out of the country for business or fun
  • Own an RV, cottage or boat
  • Volunteering


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