Whether you are closing up your cottage for the winter or planning on heading south for a sunny holiday, draining the pipes in your cottage or home can help prevent them from freezing (and possibly bursting) while you are away. Draining your pipes is especially important if you are planning on turning your furnace down to save energy or if the power goes out on a chilly day.

Water damage is one of the leading causes of home insurance claims across Canada. Whether it is caused by a sewer backup, a sump pump failure, the spring thaw, or burst pipes, damage caused by water can be costly and inconvenient to repair. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to protect your home against water damage. In the winter months, it is especially important to take some simple steps to prevent your home’s pipes from freezing and bursting.

Turn off your home’s water supply and drain all pipes

-Find the shut-off point and turn off the water supply. 

-Turn on the taps and drain lines.

-Remember to flush all toilets.

-Empty your appliances. 

-Turn off the outdoor water shut-off valve and disconnect hoses.

When you are planning on being away for longer than a few days, remember to arrange to have someone you trust check in on your home regularly just in case anything goes wrong, and take some simple steps to deter break-ins, too.

Although these are only the basic points to review prior to leaving on holiday, it is important to review your policy with your broker in order to ensure coverages are in place while you are away. There are limits to coverage and specific guidelines that are uniquely different to each policy. Please contact us any time.


Posted by Christine