If you haul logs or lumber?

Contact us!! Why?

There has been an increase in activity in the lumber market lately. Prices are double what they were a decade ago. This typically means demand is up! The trees need to get cut and delivered to the mills. The mills have to get them to market. This puts a huge demand on trucking/hauling the lumber.

Hauling logs and lumber is not like your typical jaunt down the Queen Elizabeth II highway. Most locations are remote and have torturous roads to judge and battle. As accidents are a regular occurrence, an experienced operator is needed for this type of hauling to avoid these mishaps.

The insurance market for these types of risks like long haul trucking for logs and lumber is changing and dwindling. That means premiums are increasing, options are getting less and the demand getting higher. We have ascertained certain markets and ways to maximize your coverage and minimize your premiums.

Contact us today to have a full review of your logging/lumber insurance requirements. Outside of “time” there is no cost to you.  Monthly premium financing is available.