If it’s been a while since you last moved, you may be surprised to find that most landlords and rental properties require applicants to have a tenant’s insurance policy. Tenant (or renter’s ) insurance is the best way to ensure your property, as well as your liability, is protected in the event of a costly claim. Learn more about renter’s insurance below!

Protecting You When You Need it Most

As a tenant, you are responsible for any damage you cause to any part of your building, as well as any unintentional harm that may come to others living in, or visiting the property. This means that your policy needs to cover more than just your personal belongings. Two examples of common, but lesser known claims include:

1. Say you fall asleep while the bathtub is running, and the overflow of water damages your suite, as well as three others and a common area of the property. Without the proper coverage, you may be paying out of pocket for the costs to repairs damages you are liable for.

2. Your friends are over to watch a movie, but someone slips and hits their head in your kitchen. They now require a trip to the hospital, as well as future medical care. Without liability coverage, you could be expected to cover their expenses.

Having The Right Coverage Means Peace Of Mind

While the most basic objective of renter’s insurance is to cover your personal belongings, there are three core pillars of any policy:

  • Contents
  • Liability
  • Additional Living Expenses

These three areas combined with a few simple endorsements can ensure that a renter has great coverage in the event of a claim. Below is a brief summary of each component.


As the name suggest, contents coverage protects your personal belongings up to the declared dwelling limit. For those with high value items (over $6-10,000), art pieces, furs, or expensive memorabilia, special endorsements can help better protect these valuables more appropriately.


Liability covers bodily harm caused by unexpected falls, accidental damage to adjacent structure, and other types of negligent incidents that may leave a renter at risk.

Additional Living Expenses

Additional living expenses make sure you’re covered in the event that you suddenly cannot occupy your unit as a result of a covered claim. Your policy will help cover unexpected relocation and evacuation costs for a specified period of time or limit.

We’ve Got Your Back

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