The sun is out, the heat is rising, and for many motorists across Alberta, there’s no better time to hit the road! Whether you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, can’t wait to explore the trails with your ATV/ side by side (UTV), or have been patiently waiting to pull your collector wheels out of storage, summer is the perfect time to hit the road! For those of you ready to get started, here are a few tips to ensure your vehicle has the right coverage.

What is a “Summer/Seasonal Policy”?

First things first: let’s clear up a little confusion. Technically, there’s no such thing as a “seasonal policy”. While the coverages on your policy may vary from winter to summer, unless you have a six-month policy (which are infrequently offered in Alberta), your policy is still in force year-round. This may seem a little confusing if it’s your first time setting up a policy on a vehicle you only use for a few months of the year. Not to worry, this is actually a good thing. Here’s why:

Even though you may only use your RV, classic car, motorcycle, etc. during the warmer months, your vehicle still needs coverage year-round to protect against damage that can still occur while the unit is in storage. “Parked” (or comprehensive) insurance typically removes the mandatory liability coverage that must be in place when the vehicle is being operated, but helps give you peace of mind against theft, accidental damage caused by the environment, and more. Comprehensive coverage tends to be cheaper as well, making it easy to keep your vehicle consistently protected.

What is the Difference Between Comprehensive and Full Coverage?

When it comes time to pull your vehicle out of storage and return it to fully operational status, it’s important to make sure the unit has liability coverage included, as mandated by the Government of Alberta. You can change your coverages at any point by contacting your broker and requesting that the appropriate alterations be made. As we said above, you must make sure you remember to do this before you take your vehicle out on the road or remove it from storage to avoid being ticketed for not having insurance. Luckily, these changes can be made quickly, oftentimes granting you same day coverage!

What About Specialty Vehicles?

At Ravenhill, we insure vehicles of all kinds, and can help you with specialty policies for marine units, right-hand drives, and more. For more information on these kinds of policies, please contact our team directly.

Ready to hit the road? We can help! Contact Ravenhill’s team of insurance experts now.